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Save the Planet with Knowledge

  • Make your Property more Valuable
  • Solar Credits & Tax Incentives Available
  • Apply for $0 money down
  • 25year- Solar Panel Warranty

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Produce Your Own Energy & Save the Environment


By performing regular maintenance on your solar panel system, you can extend its lifespan, increase its efficiency, and save money on electricity bills.

SPAN Panel/EV Charger

With the use of solar panels, an EV charger can provide clean, renewable energy to power electric vehicles, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to charge your EV.

Request Your Free Solar Estimate

Embrace a greener future with our free solar estimate. Discover your potential savings and learn how easy and affordable solar energy can be. Let’s tailor your solar solution today.

Financing Available & PACE Certified

GC Solar and Electric works with a variety of financial institutions to offer multiple options to better serve out clients. Also, GC Solar is a proud PACE certified partner.

How We Work

Board Members

Genesis Cordoba, BA

President &
Electrical Engineer
Solar Associate

Eugenio Crespo

Electrical Engineer & HVAC Technician

Horacio Camara

Licensed Customs Broker & Logistics Director

Daniel Garcia Barreto

Electrical Engineer & HVAC Technician

Daniela Dobrowolski

Civil Engineer / Structure & Site Planning

Eric Fundora

Solar & Sales Associate

Our Mission

Best Energy Solution for Your Home

Our mission has been to educate our customers and partners on why solar is necessary. By fully understanding the benefits of solar and its functions you can become part of the biggest technological movement we have ever seen. This is the time to make the change and save money and our planet.

Our Partners

Our Partners

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